Make-Up Institute is exactly the place that will allow you to fulfill your dream and devote to a profession that brings joy and feeling of fulfillment at all times. It is easy, just understand that what you live for is your career!
The level of our education and quality of our classrooms is at the international level and thanks to that we are the only Czech makeup school that is part of the International Union for makeup and hairstylist education! This allows our graduates to be part of the international makeup scene and gives them the opportunity to access interesting information, events, exchange visit, etc.
We offer the highest possible forms of certificates on the Czech market, namely the Certificate of Retraining and the Certificate of Professional Qualification. We issue certificates in English and Czech.


We do not suffer from commercial bias or lack of objectivity, which is reflected in the make-up lessons, therefore, as a student, you can try a wide range of products of various brands and it is up to you to choose what brand you like to work with. In addition, after successfully completing your studies, you will receive an additional 20% discount on the purchase of your equipment.


Fast and easy accessibility. Few minutes from the Institute is train connection to subway A and C.


No equipment required, everything is provided by us. Each student has own makeup kit and professional set of brushes throughout the studies.


Each student has enough time to practice and learn theory. Instructors approach everyones’ needs individually. The study program follows the latest regulations of the Ministries of Education and Health. The theoretical lesson takes 45 minutes and the practical lesson 60 minutes.


The institute is located in the heart of Prague 2, called Vinohrady, a beautiful part of Prague full of Art Nouveau buildings, international cuisine and modern coffee shops.


Did you know perfect light is essential for the work of a make-up artist? Thanks to our light panels evoking daylight in our classrooms, every student has the ideal conditions.


Our students don’t apply make-up on each other, but they work with real models provided by the Institute. We don't want you to spend half of your learning time as a model for other students. That's why we use models, but at least once during the course, students will experience sitting as a model because it is very important to experience and feel what it is to be on the other side. You will learn that being a make-up stylist is not only about beautiful make-up, but also about the overall service provided. Makeup is a service that should be pleasant for the client and we pay great attention to that.