Marketing for make-up artists

After completing the course, most students are confused about what to do next. This does not happen to graduates of the Institute. We have created a revolutionary aftercare program, which is available to our graduates free of charge and is dedicated to guide your next steps. Make-Up Institute Prague has spent many years building its reputation. We established strong relationship with leading brands and companies in the beauty industry. Therefore, we have the capacity and opportunities to open the right doors for our students more than ever before.

After the course, it is of course necessary to continue working on your makeup techniques, attend other courses, gain experience, but marketing and business strategies also play an important role. Every make-up artist is an "artist / brand" and must be able to create and subsequently promote herself. That is why every graduate of any course has the opportunity to attend for free - even several times - Marketing for make-up artists course. This course is taught by the owner of the Institute, Markéta Davidovich. We focus on everything, starting with how to get the first customer, how to promote yourself on social networks, how to negotiate good conditions, pricing strategy, contact the client, unify the strategy, how to get business cards, web and much more. A make-up artist's career is not just about perfect makeup techniques, it is mainly about how to promote yourself.