Basic makeup course for makeup artists

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4days that will change your life!
Study based on your time - intensive, by weekends or evenings!


This make-up course for beginners will open the world of make-up for the first time with all its basic techniques and tricks, which you learn how to control and get practical experience from the world of make-up artists.
We start from the beginning, so even those completely uninformed will get what they need. A great advantage is our independence from make-up brands, so you gain invaluable insight into the products and individual players in the industry.
If you want to fulfil your dream and become a professional make-up artist you can start right now. Thanks to the great atmosphere of professional lecturers, it will be easy for you to absorb knowledge and make-up rules that will enable you to do great work with interesting people.

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How does it work?

The whole course takes four extraordinary days. The layout of the course is a week or weekend. You always have 40 hours of new experiences, of course, thematically divided. The first part of each lesson is a theory that contains a lecture and also a practical demonstration. The second part is devoted to the application of the learned knowledge and tricks in practice and they are practiced under the personal guidance of professional make-up artists. A written and practical test takes place on the final day of the course.
If you find that make-up is the right thing you want to do, we will try to help you fulfil your dream. Your success is our success. Thanks to cooperation with the agency for make-up artists, we can provide you with contacts for photographers, advertising agencies, wedding agencies and other productions from all over the Czech Republic and to prepare you for this career as well.

Study based in your needs

The ideal solution for those who fail to combine their busy schedule with the dates of intensive courses is weekend or evening study. An ideal form for working or non-Prague students. In the case of weekend study, the course is divided into two consecutive weekends (Saturday + Sunday and Saturday + Sunday). The evening study is divided into 8 weeks, with the proviso that we meet every Thursday for 8 weeks between 5.30 pm and 9.00 pm. Thanks to the fact that we are located in the center of Prague, after a makeup lesson you will still have time to jump for a drink with friends or to the bus or train station.

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Day 1
Hygienic & Preparatory Techniques, Selection and Application of Basic Make-up, Knowledge of Products (Brushes, Materials and Their Functions) Facial Correction & Bronzing, Types and Applications of Blushes
Day 2
Eyebrows, eye liners and shading, application of fake eyelashes
Day 3
Lips, correction, lipstick, shine, daily make-up, evening make-up
Day 4
Styles of make-up. Marketing in a Nutshell, Written and practical test

Each successful graduate will acquire, in addition to the experience gained and the necessary benefits of self-confidence, a real proof of his professional abilities, namely the Make-Up Institute Prague Certificate and the requalification certificate in the field of Visage and Colour Consultancy. It is necessary to have your own make-up kit for your career and the opportunity to get a job in this field, which we will be happy to help you with and you will get a 20% discount on all the equipment.

Q & A

We dare to say that the best tutors in their field, professional make-up artists with years of experience and experience: Bara Mlezivová, a creative make-up artist who likes pure and fresh make-up. Vilma Baum is a make-up artist with international experience and a great career. Ondrej Porubsky is also devoted to styling and is constantly looking for new techniques and inspiration. Petra Šmelková focuses mostly on personal clients, emphasis on a interactive form of teaching. The approach of each of our tutors is individual, so you will be able to make the most of your personal make-up coaches. You can find out more about them at DREAM TEAM

Each graduate is also entitled to a free marketing course for make-up artists, as we recognize the crucial importance for a successful career of combining business skills with marketing minima, proper hygienic habits and, of course, the necessary talent. In this start-up course, you have the right to receive additional services free of charge as a participant and graduate. Since we know that practice is the most valuable, every graduate is eligible for 40 hours of free practice training by choice.

You don't have to carry anything with you, everything is provided by us. As a student, you will work in a fully equipped classroom, during your studies we will lend you a professional set of brushes and a complete makeup kit. We work on each other and on the models we provide. Before the course, we send current information about hygiene rules. At the moment, we are working in drapes and the hygienic rules of work are being observed, with which we will acquaint you on the first day of the course.

Water, coffee, tea and a kitchenette with a fridge and microwave are available for students in the Institute complex.

Classes are daily from 9.30 am to 5 pm in the case of weekly or weekend study.

The evening form is every Thursday for 8 weeks from 5.30 pm to 9 pm

Based on this basic course, you can develop personal skills and take care of personal clients for events such as wedding makeup, proms, consultations, etc. Or use your creative potential and improve in fashionable areas such as photo make-up, television, period or film makeup. Advanced courses are practical exercises under the supervision of professionals who will be available to you additionally in combination with taking pictures in your portfolio.

You can choose from a variety of courses from wedding to extravagant make-up, more here. If you would not know what course to choose, we would be happy to advise you on the selection.


It is possible to register for all offered courses by filling in the electronic application form. We offer BASIC PRO in three variants: study during the week (Monday to Friday), study on weekends (Friday to Sunday and the following Saturday to Sunday) and a very popular mix is Wednesday to Friday. We are constantly updating the dates.

By accepting the electronic application, a place will be reserved for you in the selected course. We will send you a confirmation of receipt of the application to the above email within 24 hours of sending the application.


Together with our confirmation e-mail, you will receive all information about the course and payment documents, including an invoice. The invoice is due 14 days after sending the application. After receiving your payment, the reservation of your place is confirmed and we will confirm it to your email. Failure to pay the advance invoice by the due date, the course reservation will be canceled.


You can use the following options to pay for the courses:

By bank transfer to our account: 2933554389/0800
For foreign payment: IBAN: CZ3008000000002933554389 / SWIFT: GIBACZPX / bank: Česká Spořitelna

Payment in cash at Make-Up Institute Prague, Korunní 52, Prague 2

Payment card at the course venue


In the event of non-organization of the course by the Make-Up Institute Prague due to an unforeseeable event, illness of a lecturer or force majeure, the course will be organized in an alternative period or the course fee will be refunded in full.

If you cancel your participation in the course at least 2 days before the start of the course, we will refund you 85% of the price of the paid course fee. The 15% deposit is non-refundable and serves to cover administrative expenses. However, this deposit can be used for one of the following dates of the course.

If the participation is canceled less than 2 days before the event or after the start of the course, the course fee will not be refunded and will be forfeited without compensation.

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Basic Pro Registration

If you are clear that you want to take this course with us, fill out the application and choose a date. Based on the submitted application, our team will contact you for more information and you will receive a confirmation email about the reservation with payment documents.