Agency for make-up artists

Within the Institute, there is also a make-up agency which provides job opportunities for all our graduates. The agency has contacts in the private sector(wedding agencies, salons, etc.), but mainly in the fashion industry (photographers, event and production agencies, shows, designers, the film industry, etc.) on the Czech and foreign scene. Our makeup teams participate in large social events such as the Karlovy Vary Film Festival, Fashion week, Design Blok and more. Every graduate has a chance to get a job offer from us. Everything depends on your skills, portfolio and quality of makeup kit. Free consultation is offered for every graduate during which we are able to individually discuss their abilities and employment opportunities. The agency arranges all levels of jobs, from unpaid work to gain experience, to dream job such as make-up for fashion shows or work with magazines. Most graduates begin their careers as beauty consultants (working in perfumery under the brand) and the Institute plays an important role as the middle man between the student and the management of makeup brands.

Opportunity to be an assistant

Working as an assistant for an experienced make-up artist is perhaps the dream of all makeup students. Assisting during photo shoots, shows, events, movies and video clips is a wonderful opportunity. You will have the opportunity to experience how professionals work, learn sequence of their work, planning, makeup techniques and behavior of someone who is familiar with their field. Besides, you can experience dream job, locations and important contacts. As an assistant, you are in charge of a partial part of the work. An experienced make-up artist usually takes care of most of the work, but you get to be her second hand. Yes, even these opportunities can be arranged through us. Often, the instructors in our classrooms offer this opportunity to our students during their studies. We teach our students not only precise makeup techniques, but also the unwritten rules of this profession.

Experience a fashion show

Working at a fashion show is a frequent goal for starting make-up artists. If you do not have the contacts, it is often unrealistic to receive this kind of offer. Our agency for make-up artists provides large number of contracts on the Czech market, such as fashion shows. Make-up artists with experience, quick, easy going and able to work under stress are preferred. For each show, we also choose from our beginners, so they can learn. They participate as assistants, so there is nothing to worry about. In addition, each makeup team is led by our instructor, who tries to involve all make-up artists in the process and coordinates the quality of work and teamwork. You not only have the experience from such events, but also the opportunity to take photos for your portfolio, meet interesting people and hand out your business cards.